Monday, November 9, 2015

Marukuki online store on Zazzle

Graphics for Marukuki store on Zazzle, the other accompanying store for the original Coordiration journal, and currently in need of re-design (again) due to the service providers' change in the base store system, unfortunately. There's that dreaded black gradient looming there on the header image now, that's slowly becoming the plague to more and more of the community sites - flickr, facebook, google+ (death of pastel colored designs that, I'm afraid).

Their recent updates also made obsolete all the work I put on dispaying the store items nicely on subcategories page *dang it*

Should mention it here, if anywhere, that the mostly all too neglected Marukuki blog on the Japanese blogging site yaplog! sports this same gingham style (now, there's a user friendly and widely customizable site, if you ever saw one!).

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