Saturday, December 5, 2015

Kirjan Vuosi T-shirt design

T-shirt design for a "Book's Year" (Kirjan Vuosi 2015) campaign event aimed for kids. Part of an assingment for Turku University of Applied Sciences entrance exams: to sketch a T-shirt design and present an idea for an event to encourage reading in the audience group of one's choosing. With pre-school aged kids in mind I pitched an idea for a story book reading event and designed this shirt, which incorporates in it the actual official logo of the campaign year (lucky break there really; I could have had hard time coming up with a decent way of representing a book in circular shape in matching fashion with rest of the design *haha*).

Below are the entries for some of the assignments in the entrance exams for the Turku AMK "Bachelor of Culture and Arts" (medianomi) program, that got through to the second round in spring 2015. The assingnments were: 1 - as described above, 2 - to tell a story of a family's morning from the POV of dog, and 3 - to write down thoughts on the role and importance of the social media in marketing. One more of the assignments - campaign ideas for the international "Towel Day" - was previously presented here.

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