Friday, October 21, 2016

Banner campaigns - more free picks

Images of carefree moments of enjoying life. Picked and slightly adjusted to create a matching set, reminiscent of the hazy background image (below) on the client's site.

Internet campaigns

Some more samples of the banners that I was free to use whatever images I saw fit. The campaign sets each consist of three vastly differently shaped banner bases - the wide horizontal one, the tall vertical one and the square one. This in most normal cases requires editing the chosen materials to perfectly fit all three of the templates, regardless of the materials' original orientation. Of course, with these there's the benefit of getting to choose material that well suits both orientations yourself.

The animations on the samples are to illustrate the construction of the banners.

Campaign for eye sight improvement surgery.

Image for a wood floor repair firm. I think this is where I first created this call-to-action button element, I'd later re-use quite a few times.

Images chosen to represent family therapy retreat on a farm with animals. Horses were the most prominen in the client's Facebook timeline.

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