Friday, October 21, 2016

Banner campaign - Ovesta

The banners created to improve the campaign's visual style.

Creating spaces

The basic set of banners I've been working with recently consists of three vastly differently shaped templates all within each campaign, and in most normal cases this requires editing any materials to perfectly fit both horizontal and vertical formats, regardless of the materials' original orientation. While the results may seem obvious and simple, the photomanipulation work that goes behind them can involve some spatially aware thinking and trickery. This case was a prime example of this.

In this case I was requested to improve the banners visually, using the same set of images as in the original banners.

To fit the chosen images perfectly for the both wide horizontal banner and the tall vertical one, I ended up cutting and pasting bits from different photos, and creating whole new 'spaces' as it were. The image of the appartment space spanning from the front door throught the whole apartment didn't actually excist, but was created for this banner alone from bits of different photos to appear as if one. The image in tall banner had to be extented up, and the ceiling created from a small patches of ceiling visible in the collection of images provided.

Animations to illustrate the construction of the banners.

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