Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sanrio - Rococo Medallion

Another design for the Sanrio T-shirt design contest at This time a My Melody / Hello Kitty collaboration:

Rococo Medallion

The winning design will be decided by popular vote, so it's up to you to decide which one will make it! If you like this design be sure to vote, share, re-post, blog, link, fave... spread the word about it by any means most suitable, to help your favourite gain popularity and ratings.

This is a great opportunity to show Sanrio
what kind of styles you'd like to see from them.

Though all 'cute' - as is to be expected of Sanrio - the submitted designs each represent bit different sensibilities: 90's retro pop kawaii, girly pink romantic / sweet lolita, navy chic and what I can think might be concidered "glam", "swag" or "bling".

By rating the designs that best represent your tastes you'll be indicating what kind of styles you'd prefer to see.

Looking at you lolis here! I'm entering this rose-y rococo-ish design precisely so that there'll be a girly pink option as well among all the multicolored 'pop-kawaii' (nothing wrong with that either - just making sure lacey pink princesses aren't forgotten ^^')

I'm taking part with four entries and posting them as they get approved. Expecting one more after this. You can see all of the designs here.

They have also been posted on social media, if you'd like to share them through any of the following: tumblr, instagram, facebook, google+, twitter, yaplog, DeviantArt, Pinterest, flickr and Livejournal.

All participation greatly encouraged and sharing truly appreciated \(^ o ^)/

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