Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Start for a new blog

Starting a new blog I've been needing for a long time: a proper place to post and archive the less cutesy stuff I make and observe. Hopefully it'll also serve a purpose of keeping me visibly more online active too, when working on things other than the girly pink stuff most of my online outlets focus on. This here is one such 'other' project and a fine start for the new blog:

Coordiration Christmas card collection 2015

Been making these sets of Christmas card templates for the past few weeks. They're finally published now and available for viewing and order in the Coordiration store (* . Each card and it's accompanying labels, stickers, postage and such are customizable and allow you to add your own photos and messages to them. You're most welcome to come check them out and try them with your own photos :)

(* re-purposing the old name and address, as the girly cute stuff has moved under "Marukuki" name. "Re-branding" of sorts if you will. Going to be confusing with the original Coordiration Livejournal address, which still serves as my main 'hub' of all things pink, but that's way too dear a location to move elsewhere. Quite too much history there.

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