Saturday, October 22, 2016

Re-drawing a company logo

Right: animation to demonstrate the construction of the banners. You can see the original logo flash by there as well.

ESBR - logo for a campaign

For this campaign, along with creating the banners, I also took the opportunity to vectorize the client's hand illustrated logo by re-drawing the existing piece on Illustrator. This was for it to have a better impact and more professional appearance in the banners and for it to be more widely usable elsewhere as well, if ever needed.

For the banners themselves I used the overall dark base look from the client's homepage's, but substituted the rough gravel to a more refined dusty background.

For image, rather than using the provided manga illustration - which I felt was too 'niche' and could get dismissed by a lot of potential clients - I opted to use a similarly brightly color contrasted photo instead, to appeal to a wider audience.

Above: before being converted and arranged to their tilted 3D- shapes the characters had to be drawn flat.

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