Friday, October 21, 2016

Web banner campaigns

A sample of pretty much all ready made materials, freely picked from the client's site and arranged fittingly - I just loved how the banners turned out.

Designing for banner campaigns

The basic set of banners I've been working with at my job recently consists of three vastly differently shaped templates all within each created campaign. This in most normal cases requires 'molding' the same material to perfectly fit all three of them, regardless of the original materials' orientation.

The varying shapes of the bases bring more fascinating problem solving to the banner making, which may otherwise seem a rather 'mundane' or low effort task. The results may seem obvious and simple, but the photomanipulation work that goes behind them can occasionally involve surprising amounts of 'trickery' and spatially aware thinking similar to any other form of 'graphic design artistry' - this is what I most enjoy in this job, and what I feel is most beneficial to implementing in other mediums as well. To get the most out of each given/chosen material in the required space and to make it convey the message or the image of the campaigns in a single glance often isn't just a simple copy and paste job.

I'll be posting samplings of some of these banners in the following posts.

The animations on the samples were created to illustrate the construction of the banners - none of them were in fact animated in use (due to allowed file size restrictions and company policies regarding what kind of banner campaigns to offer).

Autumn campaign for a car rental, where I placed the car images provided by the client on few sample backgrounds.

Prime example of the usual task of extending the provided image to fill the background in each of the frames properly.

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