Monday, November 9, 2015

The original Coordiration journal

My labour of love starting from 2006. The original Coordiration journal (now "Coordiration by Marukuki") on Livejournal, which despite having seen some changes in style over the years still sports the very same pink dotted background as ever. Overtly pink, girly and filled with tiny "web retro" animated gifs - 'mainstreamly' waaay outdated already when the journal started - emulating the journal's thematic style of cute culture itself and the trends set by Japanese and other East Asian youth's blogging sites.

It always takes a while to get anything posted there, as every post needs to be scrutinized for appropriate 'emoticon' and decorative gifs to sprinkle in between sentences and all the accompanying tilbehör.

One thing dearest to my heart with the journal's upkeeping is the ongoing project of improving and adding to the "Francis the bear" mood theme little by little.

Francis - dressed Francis - relieved Francis - childish Francis - nostalgic Francis - hungry
Francis - busy Francis - pensive Francis - ditzy Francis - full Francis - productive
Francis - thoughtful Francis - peaceful Francis - thankful Francis - apathetic Francis - shopping
Francis - geeky Francis - working Francis - dorky Francis - cake Francis - optimistic
Francis - scared Francis - sore Francis - quixotic Francis - nerdy Francis - relaxed

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